Online Software for Event Marketing with Reporting Functions and Features


There are several levels of reporting within Max 7P Event Marketing Platform. The Dashboard area allows a quick glance at the current status of events detailing which events are on target and which ones are at risk. Campaign reporting consists of media partner, where you can analysis the number of delegates and ROI per each media partner and the channel analysis allows you to assess which of your channels is better performing and provide quick ROI. There is a bespoke profile reporting function which is based on registration data fields and allows you to customise the reporting area to suit your business needs and KPIs.

The reg curve function allows you to monitor the registrations based on targets set, changing the mind set of marketers from “where you are to where you need to be”. You can compare the registration performance of the event with other events in the same portfolio with ease.

The user-friendly reporting functionality enables quick dashboards and more in-depth reports allows you to quickly make decisions for your event.

  1. View your event performance against targets in real time with a traffic light system.
  2. Track and monitor the performance of your campaigns and marketing activities.
  3. Create bespoke reporting based on your registration data fields.
  4. Monitor registration against a curve and compare with other events in the portfolio.
  5. Export budget, activities in PDFs or Excel with ease.