Online Software for Event Marketing with Media Partners

Media Partner

Media partner section allows you to manage your media partners and all the deliverables negotiated as part of the barter, part paid, and paid agreement. The deliverables i.e emails, banners, webinars etc. are linked to budgets, deadlines and campaign activity ensuring that you manage, monitor and execute all your media partner deliverables. The functionality further allows you to put the agreement/deliverables across multiple events for ease and speed. The budget reporting feature allows you to quickly process all deals for any financial audit compliance.

Managing media partners and negotiating the deliverables can be time consuming especially if you have over 20 media partners per event and multiple marketers working on multiple events.

This section allows each media partner to be owned by a marketer and also assign the deliverables to a team member with deadlines, ensuring that execution is quick and seamless.

  1. Create media partners, manage contact details and assign owner.
  2. Negotiate and create deals/agreements for barter, part paid and paid.
  3. Add purchase order or invoice details.
  4. Assign team member who created the deal.
  5. The deliverables are linked to the campaign activity and budget section
  6. Quickly produce reports for financial audit compliance