Online Software for Event Marketing with Marketing


Planning and delivering activities for an event campaign that has segmentation, many channels and media partners along with budgets and deadlines can be daunting and challenging. The activities function allows you to add all the planned and executed activities with estimated registration targets, deadlines, cost of activity, allocated to which segments and events and assign to which team member.

There are two views a daily view or a calendar view with PDF export of all activities. This functionality allows you to plan activities based on delegate targets ensuring that you have enough planned activities to hit your event goals and KPIs.

  1. Review, plan and execute all activities against targets.
  2. Create segment specific campaigns and activities.
  3. Function to add assigned team member with activity details such as channel type, media partner, size and notes providing a clear brief to the assigned team member.
  4. Create tracking urls enabling you to monitor performance of activity.