Event Marketing Software

How it works

Do you experience these challenges?

  1. Managing local and global marketing teams with differing skill sets and marketing tools
  2. Effective knowledge sharing on a timely basis
  3. Real time campaign execution information - who is doing what? Are deadlines missed?
  4. Real time budget spend in campaign currencies
  5. Reporting on Revenue v Targets per event and product portfolio
  6. Forecasting on delegate numbers and revenue
  7. Creating time consuming delegate profile report and insights
  8. Creating and analysing ROI, channel and campaign reporting

Max 7P Event Marketing Platform is designed for marketers for the high volume, complex, multi team and varied execution of event marketing activities. The online platform can be accessed by team members from anywhere taking away the communication and time zone barriers for multi location/global teams working on the same events or events within the same portfolio.

The platform allows the marketer to plan marketing campaigns by segments, forecast delegates per activity; allowing the marketer to assess whether they have enough activity to hit the delegate/revenue targets, execute media partner deliverables, manage deadlines and event budgets with ease and efficiency.